Thursday, August 16, 2012

Did you know.....

Everyone knows chemo causes your hair to fall out but did you know the Taxol I'm on now can cause you to loose your finger and toe nails too?  The Dr told me to take vitamin B6 to help with the burning I was feeling on my nails.  She also prescribed pain meds for next time for the bone, muscle, joint pain.  Not looking forward to my next treatment Monday.  Chemo can take your hair, nails, boobs, who knows what else?  But it can't take your spirit. Time to let that little light shine.  

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bad Side Effects!

I didn't like the new side effects.  I don't do pain well.  Wednesday after my last treatment I woke up and it felt like my finger and toe nails were on fire at 5 a.m.  So I put ice on my fingers and toes then came the bone pain.  I think it was more than bone pain everything below my belly button was in pain. By Thursday night I could hardly walk.  Thank God it only lasted two days but Sunday I had some pain in my lower back.  The rash came after the pain along with a fever and the chills. I've also had some numbness on my right foot.  On the bright side I have had three great days starting on Brock's Birthday.  We were able to go to Pat's cousin's Wedding in Aberdeen and enjoy family.  The scary thing about pain is you think it is never going to go away.  People have been so helpfull.  I am very thankful for the meals, cleaning, cards, help with kids and people putting up with me whinning about my pain.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Chemo #5

I survived chemo treatment # 5 with no allergic reactions.  My white count is still low but not low enough to not have chemo.  They have me on antibiotics for that.  Tomorrow I get a shot like I do after every chemo treatment.  My hemoglobin is going up.  I've been eating lots of spinach and I did force myself to eat liver.  Pat took me to my treatment today.  It is always scary when you don't know what to expect.  Today I started different chemo meds. I slept some during treatment.  Pat watched the Olympics.  I'm almost done with the book the Lucy One. I like to read when I can, it takes my mind off of the cancer.  Hopefully the watery eyes will go away with this treatment.  I've read all the Fifty Shades books and two of the Hunger Games.  Recommend all of them. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just got out of the hospital

My sister inlaw Erin brought me in  Sat afternoon after experiencing a fever and chills.  When they took  my blood we found out my counts were very low which means I was at high risk for infection.   I was on the border to receive a blood transfussion.  The Dr. said at my age I should be able to get my counts up on my own.  I was happy to have my Dad pick me up  today on his birthday.  There is always some good with the bad.  One good thing about being in the hospital was watching the movie The Help I highly recommend it. Another nice thing was hearing that I was young.  You get cancer at 40 you suddenly become young.  Go figure.  I would rather be all wrikled up and old with out it but it is out of my control.   As alway I am very grateful for all the help from friends and family. Chemo is not easy I just have to stay positive.  They have a great staff at Sandford very happy to have my friend Brenda working on my floor. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Round 4 Half way baby!

Two weeks from today I start a new round of chemo meds for the next four treatments.  New side effects but they told me it should be easier.  Not as much nausea but could have tingling in fingers and toes or it is common for people to be allergic to the medicine. They said my energy will still be low.  GRrrrr.  When I hear about other people who have gone through this it gives me strength.  I really hope my friends and family know how much I appreiciate the cards, gifts, flowers, food,donations for a wig, prayers, friendship the list goes on. Kari and Jennifer always have a basket of suprizes for me on chemo days.  My friends Heather and Amy were with me today.  I don't think I would have gone if I didn't look forward to their company.  The nurse told me last time they had some complaints that we were a little to loud.  I said I was trying to get kick out of this place.  She said your last treatment we will kick you out and tell you not to come back.  Yeah! Attitude is a choice and Positivity is contagious!  Memorize it! Live it!  I will be a survivor!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

3rd round of chemo

Checked in at 7:30 for my blood test to make sure I'm heathy enough for chemo.  Met with the oncologist at 8:30.  She said I am starting to get anemic so I should eat meat and green leafy vegatibles and liver would be really good.  Thanks to my Dad's farm raised beef and hunting husband I have a freezer full of meat.  Wasn't planning on eating the liver but what ever it takes to get me through this.  Then at 9:00 my friends Katie and Heather show up to get me through the chemo. We have so much fun talking I don't even think about the Chemo.  Pat leaves me with the girls and later another good friend Mary joined us.  I'm suprized we don't get kicked out of the place.  Jeanette and Andrew stopped by at the end.  Not sure how many visitors you can have but that place needs it we livin it up.  Katie drove me home after Blooms N Lattes for lunch. Then I crash until Sunday morning. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yes it's a wig!

It felt good to have my head shaved today.  My hair actually hurt.  I was tired of shedding.  When I warned the boys about my hair last night, Brock said, "its ok mom you will still have the same smile."  That warmed my heart.